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    BikeVis Motorcycle HID / Xenon conversion kits are in our opinion the single greatest modification to any bike, be it for looks or increased safety!.

    Giving over 300% more light than your stock filament bulb, the difference is striking and the mind blowing performance in either day or night is jaw dropping, so much so we here at BikeVis run them on all our bikes and would not ride without them.

    BikeVis Motorcycle HID / Xenon Conversion Kits

    HID / Xenon kits are a replacement bulb and control box (called a ballast) for your main headlight and started quite recently in the high end car market. These bulbs produce light with an electric arc rather than a glowing filament.

    Read about HIDs in detail

    View video of BikeVis HIDs in action

    Buying a HID / Xenon upgrade for your Motorcycle has always been a headache, with so many types and makes, all of varying quality. We have sourced the very best digital slim line ballasts and paired them with class leading quality bulbs to take all the hard work out of the job.

    Many retailers use cheap analog ballasts and give an array of different colour light options that are far from ideal. We provide a single colour, the best in our opinion, providing the optimum light performance in day and night, while getting your bike noticed. Cheap kits also suffer from poor life, bad focusing, low brightness and the ballasts are to big to fit on your bike.

    Key Features

    BikeVis Slim line E4 certified digital ballasts for optimum performance

    BikeVis Ultra bright 6000k light output (with a subtle hint of blue for extra night vision)

    BikeVis Easy to fit design

    BikeVis Weatherproof aluminum ballast

    BikeVis Only 35 Watts consumption yet 300% the light, so less strain on electrics

    BikeVis Easy to follow instructions

    BikeVis Plug and play fitting (no wiring skills needed on 95% of motorcycles)

    BikeVis High quality bulb allows fitting even to old reflector headlights

    BikeVis Adhesive sticky pad for easy mounting of ballast

    BikeVis Supplied cable ties to keep things 'neat'

    BikeVis Bulbs have UV cut to prevent damage to plastic lenses

    BikeVis Perfect focusing

    BikeVis Extremely long life. (10 times that of a normal bulb)

    BikeVis 1 Year Warranty

    BikeVis HID / Xenon Conversion


    It is recommended you only upgrade your low beam bulb as there is a small switch on delay as the 'arc' starts up. We do however supply a kit to cater for those with a single dual (low / high) H4 bulb.

    Checkout is via Paypal on their secure server accepting all major credit / debit cards. You don't need to be a member to use it.

    When you checkout please add in 'notes to seller' section your bulb type, bike make, year and model so we can ensure you get exactly the right kit.

    (If you are unsure which bulb you need please drop us an email)

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    BikeVis HID Kit (BVHID-UK) - UK Delivery Only
    £41.95 (£50.34 inc. VAT)

    (bulb types available H1, H3, H7, H9, H11, HB3, HB4, HB5)


    BikeVis BiXenon HID Kit (BVBIHID-UK) - UK Delivery Only
    £43.95 (£52.74 inc. VAT)

    (bulb type H4, BiXenon for both low and high beam single bulb)

    Important: Due to differences in the ways motorcycle manufacturers fix bulbs into headlamp assemblies a little mechanical work may be needed for a perfect fit, it's very rare however.

    If you require a CANBUS compliant HID (for a BMW for example), please contact us.

    HID conversions are currently NOT road legal in the UK.