About BikeVis

Welcome to and thanks for visiting BikeVis, a company with one aim, to get bikers seen out on the street. This page is really just to introduce myself and BikeVis, while telling you a little about how we came about.

My name is Dan Bailey, a qualified electronics engineer and bike nut from Christchurch in the UK. I have been riding motorcycles for the last 22 years using them as my only form of transport come rain or snow……yes I built a snowman on my zx10r 🙂

Riding in the snow

I have been shocked at how increasingly hard it is to be seen out on the street with the growth in traffic, and have often thought, “Is there some other way to get noticed?”

The initial idea came to me while working on my bike back in 2009, I thought about buying some high powered lights to raise the front profile of my bike to others. This area I thought would be best to target to get me seen by cars as I approached. I wanted a small single high powered white LED with wide viewing angles in a small enclosure. Though there were plenty of lighting units out there, nothing fitted what I wanted with most drawing too much current and being too large, spoiling the looks of my bike.

I must admit at this point I almost gave up, but instead decided to source some small LEDs and simply glue them to my bike. Straight away I could see the difference in the way cars treated me when riding, and after many comments from other bikers and requests for me to fit them I decided to get the job done properly.

Several months down the line and after tracking down the best way to manufacture these lights, BikeVis was born, and I hope those who use our products will stand less chance of being invisible out there.

Since release our ‘Bullet‘ pods have proved extremely popular and we have started to expand our store with many new products, and we have many, many more to come.

If you’re interested in discounts for your forum, friends or group please contact us

Thanks, and keep the ‘shiny side up’.

Dan Bailey – Owner