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Title: Gsx750f 1999 bullets v2 plus sidelight connected to podmod POSSIBLE?
Post by: McSure on December 17, 2013, 03:28:43 AM
Just like to quickly introduce myself to the forums,  I have a few bikes but the old gsx750f  is my winter ride.
Other bikes in the stable GSXR 750K7,and a couple of Jap  classics Kawasaki Z650 and a Suzuki Gs1000e.

Those all get wrapped up for the winter.
Stumbled on the BikeVis site and on Friday ordered to front  bullet v2 white and a podmod for those, plus a t10 wedge for the side light a set of red ones for the rear with brake light mod.
They haven't arrived yet but hey its Christmas time post all goes haywire. So onto my questions in preparation of their arrival.

1/ is it possible as the sidelight will be converted to a led wedge that this in addition to the bullets could all be connected to the pod mod so they all modulate (triangle set up you see I have been reading)?  If so how to I connect them up?

2/ I have read various comments in the  forums but don't seem to see people using relays to power the bullets, is this overkill as they draw so little power?

As you can see I'm no motorcycle electrician but my plan is as follows in very basic terms.

Find an ignition controlled live feed to connect to a relay which powers the podmod (and hopefully the sidelight) both front bullets, then to the brake light mod and red bullets.

I am thinking  this way as I want them to be always on when ignition on as opposed switched from the sidelight. If I'm way off piste and am making some crazy assumptions please give me the heads up.

Many thanks
Title: Re: Gsx750f 1999 bullets v2 plus sidelight connected to podmod POSSIBLE?
Post by: Fluke on December 17, 2013, 02:36:23 PM
Hi Nige and welcome :)

Thanks for the order, they should be with you any time.

1. You could in theory modulate you sidelights, however the PodMod will only modulate one pair of Bullet lights or one pair of Sidelight LEDs. The PodMod has a modulating ground wire which means to use with sidelights you would have to completely remove the bikes wires running to the bulbs and instead power from the PodMod. I would just stick with the Bullets modulating.

2. Yes no need for relays as the power consumption so low.

Most sidelights come on once ignition on before engine start so often the best place to take your feed from.

Feel free to ask more questions if you need any more info.