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Discreet ZX6R P8F lighting upgrade

Started by Pervytwin, February 23, 2014, 03:28:03 PM

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Hi All,

Really love the Bikevis range currently and pondering the best path to go to improve my visibility on the road using lighting.

I want to keep the look of my bike simple and easy to clean so current thoughts are 2x red bullets mounted to the underside of the pillion footrests, but not sure what direction to go for the front.

I'd prefer the smaller bullets for the front but the headlight is a terrible projector unit and I wanted to supplement the existing lighting with something with a bit more oomph and the Cree V3 running lights seem to be the best option.  Thing is they look the part on a commuter or an adventure bike but are a fair bit more chunky than the V2 bullets, so the V3s (despite being quite small) aren't quite right for a sportsbike...imho.

Any ideas on where the V3s could be mounted that wouldn't foul working parts or be too exposed?  Will there be any smaller units coming or is there any plans to bring laser lights to the aftermarket?

Thanks for your thoughts on this.



Hi Colin and welcome

You're right it's tough mounting extra lighting on a sports machine like the ZX6R. The Bullets like you say are ideal as they are so tiny so your idea for the Red rear facing Bullets is a good one.

For improving light on the road though the Cree v3 lights are amazing there is nowhere to fit them on your machine. This leaves you with the only option but to upgrade the main headlight.

As your bike has a projector a HID / Xenon is a good route to take for the low beam giving up to 300% more light. There is currently a 1 week delay on the slim ballasts though for a H11 low beam kit (we don't advise high beam upgrades due to switch on delays and possible lack of bulb warm up when using your flash / pass button)

We have nothing in the pipeline smaller than the Cree lights and I don't think laser light would ever be a option (though LED lights will replace standard lighting over the next few years)

Let me know your thoughts