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Cree LED Running Lights v3 - Protective Lens Needed?

Started by bobbymacd, August 16, 2014, 05:20:28 AM

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Having just regretted not getting a plastic headlight protector after receiving a small ding from a rock hitting the headlight glass on my 2004 BMW R1150RT, I am now worried about my Cree v3's which are mounted low on the front fork.  There appears to be room to mount a hard plastic cover in front of the Cree lights to protect against road debris.

What would the dimensions be?  Would this have to be custom made?  Is it needed or is it totally unnecessary?



Thanks for your concern and posting it up....  The lenses on the Cree lights are extremely tough and we have never had one crack or break.

If it ever did happen to you we could exchange the lens no problem at all.

Hope you are enjoying the extra visibility the lights are giving you, and any problems or needs in the future please don't hesitate getting in touch.