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Easier Connections to main beam (for spotlights)

Started by markgrinyer, January 26, 2015, 12:12:32 AM

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Hi Fluke

I'll have a look at the wiring when I get it.

I don't currently have the solidering kit but got used to doing decent crimps with the amount of indicators I went through by sending my cbr 125 down the road (which had the bullets v1 back in 2009).

What I will do tomorrow is take my switch gear on my handlebar apart and see how I would go about wiring the switch cable onto the main beam switch so I can have the lights wired directly to the battery, leaving the main beam circuit untouched and yet still only having the aux lights active with main beam

I've also just ordered a set of those bar clamps you suggested

Many thanks Dan, I'll post pictures when its all installed


Thanks Mark

One thing I must mention is the bar clamps I was talking about were for fitment to our Cree lights, but I don't see why they won't fit the Rigid lights.

I've just sent you a mail regarding stock situation on the Rigid lights, just drop me a mail back on how you want to proceed.

Have a good weekend


Hi Dan

By the looks of it they work on the thread that goes through the mounting plate of the lights to close the clamp. The odds of them being different as its the same use I would have thought would be slim, but failing that my dad works at an engineering firm so he'll be able to modify them etc if needed.

I didn't get chance to open up the switch gear today as I was doing an oil change which took longer than expected (had to remove the crash bars to get the filter out) but should have a look tomorrow

Many thanks



I've just ordered a 5 pin relay and soldering iron so I can do it properly. Better learn now on the main beam circuit (not crucial to riding to a garage if I mess it up)

I don't know if the lighting circuits operate on a wattage or ampage rating?

What I was thinking is have the power for both sets of aux lights off say the side light circuit, but using the 5 pin relay on the main beam circuit so when the main beam and relay is on so are the RI spotlights, then when the relay is off the cree lights come on, so I always have the 'magic triangle' - incidentally I always wondered why trains are required to have 3 lights on the front on the main line (being a train geek lol). This way I am also in line with the law as the running lights will be on when the side light is except when the spot light is on with the main beam 9when the lack of DLR won't be an issue

Also, do you know where I can get hold of fork clamp mounts for the cree lights, I doubt I will have space on the crash bars for both

Many Thanks


Hi Mark

Thanks for the update. Sounds good thinking....

Both sets of lights from the sidelight feed might be too much I think, I think the fact you are now using a relay you could have the lights on their own dedicated feed from the battery (via a inline fuse). This would in effect give your own separate circuit and leave most your existing wiring untouched except for the single wire feeding your relay coil for high beam.

I'm afraid I cannot recommend any fork clamps, though there are plenty out there. You might find there is room on the crash bars so maybe hang fire.



Hi dan

I have to find a switched live though as if I have it on its own circuit with just the relay then the cree lights will be on even with the ignition off, draining the battery. Using the 5 pin relay only one set of lights will be on at a time not both, so it will only produce the demand on the circuit of one set of lights (in my mind anyway). Would this be right. Looking at the circuit diagram for the bandit last night the side light also powers my rear light too, and from what I can work out is protected by a 15 a signal fuse. (I'll get my dad to double check it though) according to the Haynes manual)

Many thanks