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Upgrade for an H4 Unit

Started by Gordon D. Smith, November 10, 2015, 09:57:33 AM

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Gordon D. Smith

I would dearly love to upgrade the Lighting on my 1992 Triumph Trophy 900 - it has a single H4 CEV Unit.

It already has some BikeViz DRLs fitted and I have previously tried a HID Upgrade (from another Supplier) but I was unhappy about the amount of "Scatter" and it's performance in difficult lighting conditions, especially at dusk.

I was considering the H4 BiXenon Conversion you offer as my next step...

Do you think this would be a suitable alternative or would I suffer with the same level of scatter due to the Lens and Reflector design

Many thanks

Gordon D Smith


Hi Gordon

This is the problem with older reflector headlight units with HID, the reflector just can't get a tight 'control' on the light pattern. Though more accurately it's the same 'control' but the flaws in reflector are more pronounced with the light output being so high.

With H7 HID kits for example, you can get a bulb that is especially designed to function well with older reflectors, but this is not available in H4 BiXenon configuration.

Have you tried a basic halogen bulb upgrade like the Philips +130% in our store ?... though they are around 50% the output of HID they still offer up to 130% more light than OEM and will function perfectly with your headlight unit.


Gordon D. Smith

Thanks Fluke,

I thought that was the case..

I currently have a higher output H4 unit fitted but I am loathe to use it during daylight hours very often as that eats away at the Lighting Output and LIFE, so when I actually do ride at night (not very often) the light output is still pretty marginal.

Switching on the DRLs though helps fill-in the gaps..