Bullets + BikeVis LED Brake Light Modulator

Started by dmmsta, January 06, 2016, 11:42:59 AM

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I want to add Red Bullets on the rear of the bike with 2 operations.

  • Brake light
  • Fog Light
I intend on using a relay (with a switch mounted up front) to switch between these two operations.

#1 would feed the Bullets from the existing brake light +ve wire. 
#2 would feed the Bullets from the existing tail light +ve wire.
My question is, could I add a LED Brake Light Modulator inline for operation #1 so that I have have the Bullets doing the "flashing" on initial brake press?
I don't have LED rear lights currently, and wasn't sure if the Modulator would work with the Bullets.

Thanks in advance.



Hi and welcome

I would be tempted to keep the operation simple and just wire up the red Bullets so they are lit 100% brightness all the time. This will give you added points of light for poor conditions also.

For braking then you could add the Brake Flasher we sell... this would give other traffic notice of you slowing by flashing your existing brake light when stopping, which is often a cause of accidents when the driver behind is not paying attention.


I think the above would cover everything you need and be much much simpler to wire up


Hi Fluke.

So Bullets wired into the tail light (always on), and then the flasher for the existing brake light.

Will probably add a connector under the seat so I can disconnect the Bullets @ MOT time just to avoid issues with overly strict testers :)



Yes that would be it.... Should be a straight forward job. We always keep everything in stock.