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Cree V3 - danger of dazzling?

Started by RichPurn, May 23, 2016, 12:33:22 PM

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Am looking forward to the delivery and fitting of my Cree V3 lights to my Vstrom.

Just one question: they seem very powerful, which is good of course, but how can I make sure that they do not dazzle oncoming traffic? There's a difference between being highly visible and unnecessarily irritating other road users, and I want to get the balance right!




Hi Richard

We have carefully selected the power and angle of beam so it gives good light on the road and plenty of visible light to other road users.

They are best angled down slightly so the majority of light goes onto road.

Some Aux lighting around now produces way to much light for road use, and cannot be used around other traffic.

I think you will instantly feel safer and you will notice a difference in the way traffic treats you