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suggestion for red bullets

Started by kev1.3cc, December 29, 2009, 03:36:48 PM

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hi... was reading the questions and answers regarding the possibility of 'red' led bullets, and as you said previously that its difficult to find a suitable red led to stand up to the job... how about some kind of 'domed shaped' red filtered lens that could be placed over the original white led bullets? or even included in the front of the design??  just a thought as i too have been watching this forum regarding this suggestion, and are just as keen on some red ones myself!!!   :)


Hi Kev,

Thanks for the suggestion, I might try to see what results that produces...   however it pans out we will have a red unit in the future as there have been so many requests.

Stay tuned :)


Quote from: Fluke on December 30, 2009, 06:42:24 AMhowever it pans out we will have a red unit in the future as there have been so many requests.

Stay tuned :)

That is excellent news Dan :)

Think the problem with the lens idea is that a red lens would filter out all other colours that make up the LED output, so you end up with a lower light output.


I think your right... back to plan one :-)


hmmm... have just offered a bicycle led light red lens cover up to the led pods and supprisingly enough.. plenty of red light is emitted through!!!  infact, i was quite supprised with the result. Cant take a pic of this as the bicycle red lense is far too big to be able to hold it in place, plus i did'nt fancy trying to 'un-stick' the led pod from my fairing and risk messing up the adhesive pad! lol


Thats interesting Kev, White light LEDs are alot brighter than a proper red emitter LED which may explain this to some extent. Some research needed I think.


I'd definitely be up for some red pods for the rear after the last few mornings in the fog.

Bikes are the only vehicle allowed on the road without a rear high intensity fog light.


Yes it's crazy bikes don't have fogs...  i need to get my act together and get something made up. Just wish there were more hours in the day :)


I'd go with the high intensity Fog Light idea. BUT, I think that red front-facing runners might be illegal since it is the highway code that states white light at the front and red at the rear  :-[ .. BUT , I'm running a pair of blue LED bullets on my bike which might not be legal either. :D I think they may be less illegal than red though :o ..   Personally I dont care as long as I stand more chance of survival out on the road. These lights are superb ..  ;D


just checking in to see if there is any further news on the possibility of these red led pods.... anything to report fluke????  (sorry am i being over keen?)  ;D


..and if you are producing red bullets would be good to check that they work on single wire canbus rear lights that double as break lights by regulating the voltage as found on modern beemers amongst others. Happy to do some testing for you if you have any prototypes  ;) .



Im madrider1961 do loads of endurance rides for charity on 125cc motorbikes see

Ive fitted white pair to the front of my CG125cc no problem , have said about red one for the back even if its just red bullet at least if my bulb goes n pc plod behind me then they carnt pull me .. ok I do carry spare bulbs but one carnt see when it does blow ... if u know what I mean .

Any way keep up the good work always good to hear of ways to be seen better ..

Your now on my website also

paul hamer

I would also be very interested in a pair of rear red leds as & when they are available.


I keep checking here for news on red bullets.


Hi Guys

Sorry for the delays in a red unit... must pull my finger out :)