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Just how bright are your Bullet pods ?

Started by Fluke, August 12, 2009, 08:58:53 AM

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Just how bright are your Bullet pods ?

We have sourced just the right LEDs for our lights, juggling factors like colour, size, power draw, reliability and cost.

Measuring preceived brightness is a minefield of physics but on our test bed light meter the following results were measured.

Standard car / motorcycle 5watt filament sidelight - 20,000 Lux

BikeVis Bullet Pod / BikeVis T10 501 LEDs - 80,000 Lux

Though a standard filament bulb has a omnidirectional nature and gives our more light than is measured on our test bed, the perceived brightness  / light level at a given point of view is much less than our LEDs.

Our LEDs give approx 160 degree light visibility and the White versions have a colour similar to HID / Xenon, so none of the 'dim yellowness' you get with a stock sidelight.