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Yamaha YBR 125 headlight improvement

Started by daveread, October 05, 2012, 08:44:53 PM

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I've installed some of those superb bullets to my wife's Yamaha YBR 125 as per this post:

I know 125's don't really have the capability to run a bright headlight. However, we live out in the sticks with no street lighting on many of the roads so I'm wondering what is the best I can do with the power available.

I upgraded the stock bulb to a Halogen model from Halfords (12v 35/35w PX43t headlamp HS1). This definitely improved things, I've played with the angle of the light and reached what I think is the optimum setting. Its not terribly bad with the halogen but would be nice if it could be improved upon

Dan and I exchanged some emails, apparently I can't install the Bixenon kit as although it only consumes 35 watts the start up current is about 75 watts which I'm told the YBR won't be able to handle (I don't know if it could be modded to handle that kind of current? or would it mean a larger battery?)

Dan also said even the aux lights from bikevis will be too much load for the bike to handle though I may get away with a single one rated at 10 watts. Not sure if Dan meant a single unit of the Cree LED Aux Lights or the Vision X Solstice Solo (I think they are all rated at 10 watts). The Vision X is probably a little more than I wanted to spend but would probably go for it if it worked.

If I went down the aux light route is there anyway I could work out for sure if it would handle the extra 10 watts? bearing in mind I've already got the bullets installed.

I'd much appreciate any suggestions / advice anyone has.


The headlight isn't permanently fixed on with the ignition on our model, so during the daytime I think the battery does get some rest (will be just running the 5 watt side light along with the two bullets) and we do make a habit of charging the battery every couple of months.


Hi Dave

Our new Cree Aux lights are the same spec / build quality as the Solstice and the same output (they use the same emitters)

I'm sure the bike could handle a single one......mounting might be tricky as you have to find a spot that looks right (centre bike)

It's a shame the electrics won't handle a HID, and even if there was a slim chance of success finding a HID bulb in that size might be impossible.



Hiya Dan,

Thanks for the advice, I've had a fiddle and should be able to fit up a Cree aux light on a flat area directly under the headlight (luckily I have the square headlight ybr model).

It looks like they come in pairs so would you be willing to sell me a single unit?

Would I be right in thinking the 60 degree wide beam unit would remain switched on even when I flick to high beam (although it would be permanently angled at low beam level), whereas the 10 spot beam would operate with high beam only?

Although we use the high beam a lot around the country roads here I'm thinking the 60 degree wide low beam is what we want - otherwise I'd imagine feeling a bit naked lightwise when flicking down from high beam down to just the power of the stock light at the dipped level.

Do you think that makes sense?



Hi Dave

Sounds like a plan, we could sell a single unit no problem

I think you need to double check how the bulb on the bike works. Most when moving to high beam completely switch off low beam... Which would cause you too lose the extra aux light if wired near the bulb (often the easiest place to connect)

If this is the case it might pay to wire the aux light from another switched source.... Either further back in the lighting circuit (before the relay if present), or wire direct to the battery via a switch and inline fuse.

Then best place to take the feed varies a lot bike to bike......

If you want to go ahead just drop me an email to and we can sort out how to buy