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Honda ST1100 Pan European Installation

Started by Ragtag, August 30, 2009, 04:43:57 PM

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Please note that cameras do not capture the brightness of the LED lighting used in our products

Just fitted the Bike Vis lights to the Pan.
Very easy and in all took 40 minutes ( Including finding a bottle opener and opening the beer!).

I decided to fit the units under the mirror pods, as this would give the bike 'width' ( as if a Pan needed any more ).
I'm a bike instructor, and wearing all the hi vis stuff, and on a white bike, I STILL get SMIDSY moments !!

My bike is ex Police, and I thought about routing the wiring via one of the extra switches to allow me to turn them on when I wanted, then I thought that I use my lights all the time anyway, so why bother?

Boy am I pleased with the result, and as Fluke says, the photo's don't allow the full brightness of the LED's to show.
Thanks for an excellent product.

Hope my photo's help others with a very easy fit...

Marking position of LED unit on underside of Mirror pod.

Side light unit, the brown wire is live.. Green is earth.

I fed a thick wire through the mirror housing unit to pull the wires through to the connections, supplied wire was plenty long enough.

Once they were pulled through, I twisted the 'live' wires together and soldered them, then cut some of the covering off the live feed, and twisted and soldered all together. Then I repeated for the negative wires and feed (Green bike wires). All taped together with self amalgamating tape.

All was then tidied up to position inside the bodywork and replace the access cover under the headlight.

Following the very easy instructions, I fixed the units to my mirror pods having previously fed the wires through the pre drilled holes. This is a low light shot.

This last one is in normal daylight. The Blackbird will be next!!!



Fantastic guide, got a real soft spot for the pan... they go really well for such a big bike.

Good job on the install...

BIG Thanks


Thanks.. I did actually take a couple of photo's of the soldering of the connections, and wires before being taped up.
But some fool had his finger in the way of the lens  ::)

It really was very easy to install!!


I wish I had looked at this post before installing my Pods onto my Pan.  :o

I mistakenly thought I had to get access behind the headlight and hence took off my screen and the top half of the fairing. DOH !!
So I thought I'd take a few pics to show others how it should be done only to find out that this excellent guide already exists.  :-[

Anyhoo..... as I've already taken the snaps I'll add 'em here as addendum to the guide (hope the original poster don't mind).

Like the original poster I also added the Pods beneath the mirrors to accentuate the width of the bike but the wiring up guide would be pretty standard for ST1100 Pan Europeans regardless of where you actually position the Pods.

1st step: Remove the access cover beneath the headlight.
This is held on by 2 screws (marked in green)

The sidelight is held on a small soft rubber bung (highlighted ingreen) that simply pulls out to give access to the sidelight itself.
You can splice in the wires for the pods at this point.

I drilled the hole in each mirror and threaded the wire through, leaving the poitioning of the Pod until it was all back in place.

The wire (marked in green) was then threaded through the hole in the fairing to below the headlight where it can be spliced up to the sidelight wires.

Once the wires are all connected up then replace the mirror, decide onthe best orientation of the Pod, peel back the sticky backing and locate in its new home.

The Pods do appear brighter in real life than my crappy camera shows.

All in all, a worthwhile investment for any bike.  ;D


Thanks for the guide...  should help other Pan owners out there thinking of doing the same (and undoing less bolts at same time...  something I'm always doing! :))