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Do my BikeVis Bullets need a dedicated fuse ?

Started by Fluke, June 06, 2009, 04:20:24 PM

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Do my BikeVis Bullets need a dedicated fuse ?

In a word, no.

The idea of a fuse on a bike is to prevent damage in the event of short circuits and fault conditions on various areas in your electrical system. Excess current in the event of a fault could cause damage to the bikes battery, alternator, or even worse cause heating of equipment / supply wires.

BikeVis Bullets draw 30mA (0.03 Amps) each, which is many times lower than a standard sidelight, though run much brighter. Though ideally a sub 1Amp fuse would be used, we have tested bike fuses right up to 15 Amps and they all blow immediately in the very unlikely event of a 'Bullet' going short circuit.

10-15 Amps is the value that is used on most bikes headlight / lighting circuits, so this makes a ideal place to 'splice' a feed.

It should be noted that we have tested with a 25 Amp fuse and it did not blow due to the limit in current handling of the 'Bullets' wires..  We would not suggest running on any circuit protected by a fuse this high (extremely rare on bikes)

If you do want to use a cheap inline fuse on your 'Bullets' we would suggest a 'blade style' fuse available in all motorist shops, and a 1 Amp fuse which is readily available.