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Title: H4 Bi-Xenon kit
Post by: darich on September 12, 2018, 12:51:27 PM
I previously had an ER6f (white one still used in BikeVis Ads) and then upgraded to a Street Triple R.
I did some digging and read the post from Fluke where he said that often one or both HIDs will fail to light due to the lighting load or varying voltage or something along those lines.

Anyway...I've upgraded my bike again and now have a 2016 Street Triple and noticed the other night that when I turn the ignition on, the lights don't come on. They only power up when the engine is running. This is different from my previous STR where both lights would power with the ignition then flicker as the starter drew power to start the engine.

So......based on my limited knowledge if my lights only come on once the engine is running, would that mean the bike would be suitable for a bi-xenon kit upgrade? The HID lights wouldn't suffer from the varying voltage during starting.

Is this the case? I've just fitted LED bulbs which look pretty good and effective but you can't beat a good HID light. Any ideas from anyone?
Title: Re: H4 Bi-Xenon kit
Post by: Fluke on September 13, 2018, 04:28:37 AM

Do the headlight auto turn on as the engine starts ? ....the issue with dual HID is the startup load can be too high (up to 75 watts per light) and can fail to ignite, this is made worse by starter motor consuming a lot of power.

A lot of bikes can handle this though, it depends on many factors such as condition / capacity of battery etc.

LED Bulbs are probably the way forward here as you say.

Title: Re: H4 Bi-Xenon kit
Post by: darich on September 13, 2018, 09:24:54 AM
I'll see how the LEDs are - look promising so far.

As far as the headlamps go, they're not switched on by turning on the ignition. But when you start the engine, the light kick into life once running.....within a second or so. So I'd say they come on after the engine is running, not while it's starting.