Author Topic: Bullets as brake lights  (Read 3580 times)


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Bullets as brake lights
« on: March 20, 2014, 05:03:58 PM »
Ive been running two pairs of bullets for about a year and a half now, on my BMW R1200RT.
At the front, I've connected them to the external socket, and placed them wide below the rear view mirrors.
At the back I've placed them on both side of the top case, and connected them to the rear/brake light.

The bonus: the BMW uses only one light for rear and brake light. It modulates the power by pulsing the full tension for normal light, then giving continuous power for brake light. This turns out to work just marvelously for the bullets too.
So, I got a set of tail lights indicating my real width, and I got me a set of extra brake lights at just the right hight as well (visible through car windows).

One catch though. 'Cause of the fast reaction time of the LED lights (to the pulsing power)it's almost impossible to photograph them correctly. Your eyes won't notice any of that, of course. They just see the lights as burning on half the power.

Oh and no: no problems this way with the CAN-bus. The bullets stay below it's threshhold.



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Re: Bullets as brake lights
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2014, 05:09:02 PM »

Thanks for the info on this. Yes it's a great function of the existing light setup with the R1200RT that it handles our little Bullet lights like this, makes them really effective!