Author Topic: Honda CB125F Rear Bullets Installation  (Read 2642 times)

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Honda CB125F Rear Bullets Installation
« on: October 07, 2015, 08:38:42 PM »
My fitting guide for rear bullets on the new model CB125F. See seperate post for front ones.

Limited choices for position at the rear but there is a nice little space just below the indicator stalks on the black trim so they blend in nicely. As with the fronts, used a lipo battery to power them whilst deciding where to put them.

Remove the seat and then the top centre trim above the rear light - 2 screws to undo from the top and 2 from underneath as pictured, then slide it backwards a little off the location lugs before lifting out.

Then take off the rear number plate assembly light by undoing the 2 screws from underneath it (I forgot to photo this but you can see where these are in the bike handbook in the rear bulb replacement section).

For power I used the feed to the numberplate light, the position of the bullets just at the back above the numberplate and under the indicators meant that I just had to mark and drill a 4mm hole in the plastic trim and then the wires could be routed through the same holes as the indicator wires to where they would be joined. The wire in the centre of the picture is the one I spliced to, just carefully cut away the sleeving to find them.

As with the front, for both the LED's and the bike wiring, the positive is the one with the white line on it. I stripped some insulation and soldered the LED wires. You can use piggyback or splicing connectors instead.

Tape up each wire individually and then repair the sleeving with insulation tape before re-fitting the numberplate assembly and centre rear cover. Take care the numberplate assembly all slots into place properly, it is a bit fidly making sure the trims fit snugly.

Job done.