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Rear body illumination
« on: April 24, 2010, 03:37:24 PM »
Hi All

Firstly thanks for the next day delivery of my bullet kits! I travel on unlit motorways at night both on bike and in car and one thing I notice is how badly bikes blend in from behind with the rest of the lights and I have been thinking for ages about how to make the bike stand out more - looking at cars on the Mway what helps is the reflection of other lights on the bodywork so you can see the bulk/outline of them.  With a bike the profile is smaller, there are fewer reflective surfaces (and reflective strips on clothing are always at the right angle to really make a difference) so two things I have been thinking about one  easy one I wouldn't know where to start (but someone might want to help me out with this fun project) but the other is easy. First the hard one...

1) micro LED strips stuck onto the helmet and powered using button cells clipped onto the bottom of the lid shell - these could modulate, make patterns, whatever to draw attention. As they are body worn I believe they can be different colours too (but I could be lying about that!). Ideally embedded into the helmet and integrated (even have a radio controlled module so they act as high level brake light!)

2) The other ideas is to use the bullet lights fitted at the front of the top box or rack to illuminate the back of the rider so they stand out more from the rest of the traffic and to help illuminate any reflective strips/vests that are worn. You could use three - a central one to illuminate the rider and the other two set wide and down to illuminate the sides of the bike more. Has anyone seen bullets being used like this? I've got two sets so I'll rig this up and see how it looks...

Oh and can't wait for the red bullets (hint hint...)


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Re: Rear body illumination
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2010, 02:11:32 PM »

Your very welcome, glad you got them ok.

Some interesting ideas... and I've seen LEDs mounted to great effects before. (they are good as they move as your look around at junctions)

Maybe our running light strips would suit well... you could couple them with the PodMod modulator..

Keep me posted how you get on with tests...