Author Topic: Honda CBF600 SA4 HID Installation  (Read 11205 times)


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Honda CBF600 SA4 HID Installation
« on: March 15, 2012, 06:45:36 PM »
My Bike:  Honda CBF600 SA4 Faired ABS Bike 2004.  Bulb required H7 fitting.
Tools Required:  Beer, Screwdriver, allen key.
For before and after pictures of light brightness please see my post in the gallery section of forum!!

Picture 1:  Prepare your nice cold beverage to assist with lubrication of your machine!  I recommend HOBGOBLIN.

Picture 2:  Undo 2 screws(arrowed) with allen key

Picture 3:  Arrow 1 push screwdriver wnd into this clip which then pops out.  Arrow 2 unscrew fairing bolt at this approx location

Picture 4:  Fairing will now slide forward away from petrol tank and be connected by indicator light clip (unplug clip circled)

Picture 5:  Just above rubber cover of main light is the sidelight (circled) which just needs pulling out and replacing (OPTIONAL ONLY IF INSTALLING SIDELIGHT AT SAME TIME)

Picture 6:  Grasp sidelight and holder either side of line and pull in opposite directions to remove bulb and replace with the T10 501 Wedge sidelight (this is optional but HIGHLY recommended......Dan have i earned commision??)

Picture 7:  The two clips circled hold in the old bulb (already removed) push clip in and pull down for top and bottom and open metal holder outwards arrowed which will release the bulb.

Picture 8:  This circled is the connector for the headlight which as you can see i have already disconnected from old bulb and attached to the HID clips.

Picture 9:  After putting new HID bulb in push the metal clip from picture 7 back onto rear of bulb to secure in place and after connecting the other wires for the HID kit which is described in greater detail in the instruction book supplied (and almost idiot proof anyway) put ballast somewhere out of way and strap cable together with supplied cable ties.  As you can see ballast and wires all circled fit snugly in headstock area (hidden when fairing replaced and in no way affect the front fork from still turning side to side fully)
Then reconnect fairing opposite to how it was removed and job done.  I replaced both sidelights, took both front fairing sides off and upgraded the dipped beam light to the HID bulb and the main beam light to the Phillips Xtreme vision bulb also sold by bike vis in less than 20 minutes!! 

**Health & Safety:  Always drink responsibly, DON'T drink & ride, High vis vest while fitting optional**  There we go that should satisfy the Politically and morrally correct squad.



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Re: Honda CBF600 SA4 HID Installation
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2012, 03:57:04 PM »
Fantastic guide, and great choice of beer, one of my faves :)

I'll sort you out a little something for your hard work.