Author Topic: BMW F800ST PodMod Installation  (Read 3954 times)


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BMW F800ST PodMod Installation
« on: June 22, 2012, 10:36:40 AM »
Robin kindly send this guide for fitting a PodMod modulator to his Bullets. Thanks for taking the time to share...

The PodMod itself, with spade connectors crimped onto the leads;
Male on the supply side, to fit the taps on the parking light leads,
Female on the Bullet side, to fit the male connectors that previously
went into the taps.

The parking light leads with taps installed. The taps themselves are
filled with grease, and the ends of the sleeve (cut to expose the
leads) are sealed with a dab of Sikaflex 291i - hence the black
spillage on the outside of the + tap. (Note that the visible -
lead is actually brown, before the camera's colour shift.)

The Bullets mounted on the underside of the headlight assembly
(recycling existing holes previously used to secure a pair of HID

The headlight assembly, with Bullets installed, viewed from the rear.

Same as above, with some red circles added around the Bullets' male
spade connectors, and where their leads pass through the mounting
surface. A dab of Sikaflex 291i is added around the leads to further
secure the Bullets (in the unlikely event that the double-sided tape
should fail).

The headlight assembly, with Bullets installed, viewed from the top.

The PodMod, installed and its supply side connected.

A wider view of the PodMod installed and connected to the parking
light leads. Note the 1W wedge LED where the parking light bulb used
to be (at the end of its tubular connector). This and the two
Bullets draw a total of 3W power, which is enough to satisfy the
parking light circuit’s lamp warning logic. 2W is not enough, so the
lamp warning will go off if one of these three LEDs fails.