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Headlight Modulators
« on: August 13, 2009, 10:39:59 AM »
We have been speaking to John Hayes from over at (smidsy - sorry mate I didn't see you)

He has a new range of Headlight modulators to pulse your motorcycles lights. Why not check out his products, it's a VERY interesting idea to increase visibility to others on the road.


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Re: Headlight Modulators
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2009, 01:10:49 PM »
Are these legal in the UK?


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Re: Headlight Modulators
« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2009, 05:10:56 PM »

Hi, I thought I'd post a copy of my email correspondence with VSED about a year ago regarding the legality of Headlight Modulators in the UK.

to   "" <>
date   20 October 2008 21:09

subject   Motorcycle Headlight Modulators

Dear Sirs,
I hope I have found the right department, but can you advise whether the use of Motorcycle Headlight Modulators is legal in the UK.
I have trawled the web to no avail, everything is about the USA and Canada laws, where they are legal providing they comply to strict standards such as modulation speed, depth of modulation etc.
The general opinion is that they make a motorcycle much more visible during daylight hours (They should not be used at night and have a photocell fitted to prevent this).  As a keen motorcyclist  for 35 years, I can state through experience that this can only be a good thing from a safety point of view.  I have had several near misses over the years, where a car pulls out of a junction and the general excuse is "Sorry Mate, didn't see you" and this is in spite of always riding with headlight on.
Here is a link to an abridged version of the US Federal Law:
I am planning to manufacture and market these units in the UK based on the US specifications, but it would obviously be a mistake if they are currently illegal, were to be declared illegal at a future date, or there are already different UK specifications for such units.
I hope you can cast some light on the matter for me and look forward to hearing from you soon.
Many thanks

 VSED to me
show details 05/11/2008

Dear Mr Hayes
Headlamp modulation is not permitted on motorcycles in the UK.
The motorcycle industry are running a number of studies into alternative, non-flashing, lighting concepts that may enhance the visibility of a motorcyclist and we will consider the results of these studies as they become available.
Yours sincerely
Jillian Smith
DfT - Transport Technology Standards

Note the use of the words, "Not Permitted" as opposed to "Illegal".  There is no mention of any specific law.  The words "non-flashing" indicates they have a lack of understanding as to what a Headlamp Modulator actually is.   (Headlight Modulators do not flash, but vary the intensity of a headlight).

It is my opinion that there is no specific law in the UK that actually covers the use of Headlight Modulators as they are a relatively new invention.  What would the police actually charge you with?

I have ridden in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy & Greece using a Headlight Modulator without any problems from the authorities so far.   What I can definately say is that a Headlight Modulator gets you noticed by the guy who was just about to pull out in front of you.

I must finish by stating I have a vested interest as I manufacture Headlight Modulators,  but the reason I do is because I believe they make a hell of a difference to being seen.

John Hayes -