Author Topic: BMW R1150GS Adventure Installation  (Read 3521 times)


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BMW R1150GS Adventure Installation
« on: March 04, 2013, 07:55:04 AM »
Stephen kindely sent over this install guide for fitting red Bullet lights on his big 1150GS. Many thanks for taking the time.

Dear Bikevis,  thanks for the two red bullet lights you sent me recently.  Been away for a couple of weeks (drinking the preparatory beers), and so only just got round to fitting them.
Don't know why the bike makers don't fit rear fog lights as standard - maybe they assume that bikers do't go out in the fog - v weird.
Anyway, I had already fitted a couple of extra rear LED lights to the bike, but they weren't quite bright enough - hence buying the two bullets.
Rather than drilling holes through any part of the bike,  I fashioned a couple of small brackets from the endless supply of 'this might come in handy one day' rubbish in my garage (photo 1)  and then fitted the bullets to them (photo 2) and then fitted the brackets to the luggage rack  (Photo 3).  I took the power from the wiring for the previous two lights, which feed off the front fog lights lights, and that's about it - dead simple.
The good thing about fitting them to the luggage rack is that they help to widen the bike's appearance when the side boxes are fitted (photos 4 and 5).
The interesting thing from your point of view is that the last 2 photos show how the brightness of the bullets compares to the 4-LED lights I had fitted previously - much better.
Thanks a bunch for an excellent product.