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BikeVis Bullet Running Lights – webBikeWorld

Also voted ‘2009 Motorcycle Product of the Year’

BikeVis Bullets - webBikeWorld Product of the year 2009

“They add visibility without dazzling; they’re noticeable without being overpowering.  They’re easy to install, they’re inexpensive and they also have the ability to blend in to just about any motorcycle type or style.”

“The BikeVis Bullets V2 are a real improvement over the originals, making a good thing even better. These may well be the “perfect” motorcycle daytime running light or visibility light, because they work really well, they’re very small, the draw a minimum amount of current and they add a certain coolness factor to the bike”

BikeVis PodMod Modulator – webBikeWorld
“After using the BikeVis Bullet LED lights for several weeks, we’re very impressed.  They provide an inexpensive and easy-to-install route to improving motorcycle visibility to oncoming traffic.
The addition of the BikeVis PodMod modulator has the potential to make the BikeVis Bullet LED lights even more noticeable.  The effect of the modulator is difficult to describe but we think it’s perfectly suited to the lights.  It provides just enough “twinkle” so the oncoming vehicle notices, but without overwhelming glare.
As we mentioned in the conclusion of our BikeVis Bullets review, there’s no magic solution to motorcycle visibility, so a layered approach to safety is probably best, by carefully considering all options.  But in our real-world subjective experiences and experiments with the BikeVis lights, we think they really do help.”

BikeVis Bullet Running Lights – Motorcycle Consumer News
“Clearly, some creative motorcyclists are going to have some fun with these Bullets, tastefully mounting multiple pairs for additional daytime running lights, markers, accents or conspicuity where required.”Motorcycle Consumer News BikeVis Bullet Review

BikeVis Bullet Running Lights – Chelmsford & District Advanced MotorcyclistsChelmsford & District Advanced Motorcyclists BikeVis Bullet Review

BikeVis Bullet Running Lights – Motorcycle News
MCN Motorcycle News BikeVis Bullet Review

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