BikeVis LED Brake Light Modulator

The BikeVis LED Brake Modulator is a small computer controlled module that can be fitted to any modern motorcycle with a LED based brake light set-up.

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In normal use the modulator holds your brake light LEDs at 33%, this can add to the rear visibility of your motorcycle in normal use depending on your bikes light set-up.

When you apply the brake the modulator turns on your brake lights for half a second then flashes the brake light 10 times a second for 1.5 seconds, finally then lighting them constantly.

The effect this has is to ensure cars travelling behind see you’re braking, which is often a cause of accidents. (I myself have once been ‘pushed’ into oncoming traffic at a junction)

If you re-apply your brake within 5 seconds your Brake Lights work as normal to avoid annoying other road users in heavy traffic.

Though there are many of these units on the market most are sold for use on both normal filament bulbs and LEDs, and because of this design they do not take advantage of the LEDs used on modern motorcycles (extremely fast switching rates possible)

The BikeVis LED Brake Modulator is unique in this respect and produces an effect that none other can. I would not ride without one.

Key Features

  • Unique miniature design especially for Motorcycles
  • Produces unique rapid flash that only a unit designed for LEDs
  • Combat the chance of cars running into the back of your motorcycle
  • Weather proof
  • Microprocessor controlled for reliability
  • Lifetime technical support
  • 2 Year no quibble warranty
  • 55 Watt rated so able to modulate all LED tail lights no matter how many

Kit Contents

  • BikeVis LED Brake Light Modulator
  • Pre-wired for easy connection to your bike
  • Fitting Instructions (Download PDF)
  • Cable ties to keep wires tidy


This unit is only for motorcycles with LED brake lights and your bike must have a separate brake light wire to turn on the modulator. If you are unsure please contact us