SMiDSY Turn Signal Reminder

SMiDSY and BikeVis products are all about getting noticed by other drivers, so this is a first for us, a product that is designed not to get you noticed.

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Forgetting to cancel a turn signal (and we all do, sometimes for miles) can be DEADLY. Other road users can assume you are going to make a turn and pull out directly in your path.

How does it work ?

The unit is a small waterproof, microprocessor based module. When you first switch on your turn signal, the unit make a gentle blipping sound with each flash. It also begins to count the number of flashes. If a count of 24 is reached the unit will sound an alarm signal to remind you your turn signal is still on. If the brakes are applied at any point, for example at traffic signals, junctions etc, the counter will reset to zero, thereby avoiding false alerts. The alarm signal is a loud triple frequency waveform designed to penetrate above engine noise and through helmets.

Note: This unit is an updated version of our popular TSR-1 Module.  It is also fully compatible with modern BMW bikes with the 2 wire Brake/Tail Light system and also has the option to mute all sound when the brakes are applied.

Key Features

  • Unique miniature design especially for Motorcycles
  • Weather proof
  • Microprocessor controlled for reliability
  • Lifetime technical support
  • 2 Year no quibble warranty

Kit Contents

  • SMiDSY Turn Signal Reminder
  • Fitting Instructions (Download PDF)
  • Cable ties to keep wires tidy