SMiDSY Brake Light Flasher

Ok, so there you are pulling up at the lights… the person in the car behind you is busy texting on his cell phone or re-applying her mascara. Catch their attention with the SMiDSY BRAKE LIGHT FLASHER

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Upon applying the brakes, the brake light will flash rapidly for 2 seconds and then go on solid. Re-applying the brakes within 8 seconds of release and the brake light will go on solid. This is to avoid distracting the driver behind in stop / go traffic.

This unit is designed for normal halogen bulb brake lights… If you have LED for your rear brake please use our BikeVis LED Brake Modulator.

Installation is easy if you have basic electrical knowledge, don’t worry if you don’t though, just buy a mate a beer or two and get him to do it for you! Full installation instructions are supplied along with all parts needed and is usually fitted in around 30 minutes.

Key Features

  • Unique miniature design especially for Motorcycles
  • Combat the chance of cars running into the back of your motorcycle
  • Weather proof
  • Microprocessor controlled for reliability
  • Lifetime technical support
  • 2 Year no quibble warranty
  • 55 Watt rated so able to modulate all standard halogen based lights

Kit Contents

  • SMiDSY Brake Light Flasher / Modulator
  • Pre-wired for easy connection to your bike
  • Fitting Instructions (Download PDF)
  • Cable ties to keep wires tidy