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BikeVis both manufacturer and source only the very best motorcycle lighting & safety products. Everything is tested by us, and if it’s not good enough, it doesn’t get in the store.

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  • BikeVis Motorcycle PodMod Running Light Modulator
    Clearance Stock

    BikeVis PodMod

    This PodMod v1 is now replaced by our new PodMod v2. Now in stock and shipping.

    The BikeVis PodMod is a small add-on controller box which can be added to any new or existing running light install to further increase visibility.

    £19.95 (£23.94 inc VAT)
  • BikeVis Motorcycle HID Xenon Conversion
    Bulb Upgrades

    BikeVis HID Xenon Conversions

    BikeVis Motorcycle HID / Xenon conversion kits are in our opinion the single greatest modification to any bike, be it for looks or increased safety!.

  • BikeVis Motorcycle LED Brake Light Modulator

    BikeVis LED Brake Light Modulator

    The BikeVis LED Brake Modulator is a small computer controlled module that can be fitted to any modern motorcycle with a LED based brake light set-up.

    £25.95 (£31.14 inc VAT)
  • SMiDSY Motorcycle Automatic Hazard Flasher

    SMiDSY Automatic Hazard Flasher

    Ok, you have to brake suddenly… ┬áthe person in the car behind you is busy texting on his cell phone or re-applying her mascara. Catch their attention with the SMiDSY Automatic Hazard Flasher

    £28.95 (£34.74 inc VAT)
  • SMiDSY Motorcycle Brake Light Flasher

    SMiDSY Brake Light Flasher

    Ok, so there you are pulling up at the lights… the person in the car behind you is busy texting on his cell phone or re-applying her mascara. Catch their attention with the SMiDSY BRAKE LIGHT FLASHER

    £25.95 (£31.14 inc VAT)
  • SMiDSY Motorcycle Headlight Modulator

    SMiDSY Headlight Modulator

    £25.95 (£31.14 inc VAT)
  • SMiDSY FOGmate
    Other Safety

    SMiDSY FOGmate

    The FOGmate unit improves your bike’s rear visibility by holding your existing Brake Light at 33% power in foggy conditions.

    £25.95 (£31.14 inc VAT)
  • SMidsy ICEwatch
    Other Safety

    SMiDSY ICEwatch

    The ICEwatch unit continuously monitors the air temperature around your bike and is a one of a kind safety device for all motorcyclists who ride in cold conditions.

    £25.95 (£31.14 inc VAT)
  • SMiDSY Motorcycle Audible Turn Signal Reminder
    Other Safety

    SMiDSY Turn Signal Reminder

    SMiDSY and BikeVis products are all about getting noticed by other drivers, so this is a first for us, a product that is designed not to get you noticed.

    £31.95 (£38.34 inc VAT)
  • SMiDSY Visual Turn Signal Reminder
    Other Safety

    SMiDSY Visual Turn Signal Reminder

    In most cases, the green dash light on your bike is simply too dim to be seen in bright daylight. Forgetting to cancel a turn signal (and we all do, sometimes for miles) can be DEADLY. Other road users can assume you are going to make a turn and pull out directly into your path, not good!

    £28.95 (£34.74 inc VAT)