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New webBikeWorld Review
« on: June 27, 2011, 05:10:10 AM »
These photos are from webBikeWorlds recent review of our popular BikeVis Bullet running lights, this time the Blue version and PodMod being tested on a Suzuki DR650.

Quote -

Nothing has changed from our original conclusion: the BikeVis Bullet LED lights are a really nice way to improve a motorcycle's visibility to oncoming traffic. And the blue color is even more unusual-looking, so the theory is that it will help that much more.

The BikeVis Bullets are small and easy to install just about anywhere. Other than the expense and the shipping costs, this is an easy way to (theoretically) improve the visibility of your motorcycle. BikeVis Bullets are also available in red as a rear-facing version.

You can read the whole review Here, the White Bullets are reviewed Here

You can view the test video Here