BikeVis PodMod

The BikeVis PodMod is a small add-on controller box which can be added to any new or existing running light install to further increase visibility.

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Nothing stands out more than a light that ‘Glints’, this effect is usually only seen when the perspective of a light source changes, but if a light is coming towards you or stationary this effect is lost.

Videos: Video 1Video 2

Our PodMod module modulates the LEDs extremely fast to address the problem (92.5% on and 7.5% off time) , and doesn’t create a ‘flash’ that could distract others on the road, but creates gentle ‘glinting’ effect.

Key Features

  • Unique miniature design especially for motorcycles
  • Produces unique ‘Glinting’ effect without distracting other road users
  • Improve daylight visibility of our range of running lights
  • Power one pair of BikeVis Bullet pods
  • Power one pair of BikeVis Mini Pods or Strips
  • Weather proof
  • Create ‘movement’ in light for when approaching static traffic
  • Produces unique ‘glinting’ effect without distracting other road users
  • Microprocessor controlled for reliability
  • Gentle ‘ramp up / fade in’ when you first turn on your ignition
  • Lifetime technical support
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 200mA (0.2A) max load so able to drive most other small LED lights

Kit Contents

  • BikeVis PodMod Running Light Modulator
  • Pre-wired for easy connection to both new and existing installations
  • Fitting Instructions (Download PDF)
  • Cable ties to keep wires tidy

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