The FOGmate unit improves your bike’s rear visibility by holding your existing Brake Light at 33% power in foggy conditions.

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How is it operated ?

Without any intervention, your Brake Light functions normally. If it is foggy, or you simply would like extra visibility for the rear of your bike, start your bike’s engine and if not already on*, turn on the lights. Now operate your brakes 4 times within 15 seconds. Your Brake Light will flash 3 times in acknowledgement, and the Brake Light will then illuminate at 33% power until power down.

Is my brake light contrast diminished ?

No, if using the Fog Light option, when you apply your brakes, the unit powers off the 33% output for 100 milliseconds before applying full power to your Brake Light, always ensuring maximum contrast. This is actually more noticeable to a following vehicle as the brief “off” flash is very attention getting.

Can it be used with LED brake / tail light clusters ?

Yes & No. If your bike has a 3 wire Brake/Tail light system then the answer is YES, but if it is a 2 wire system (Most modern BMWs), then sorry, the answer is NO. If in doubt, contact us with your bike model/year and we’ll do our best to help.

Is it easy to install ?

Yes, only 4 wires. The unit comes with all necessary wiring and installation hardware.

Key Features

  • Unique miniature design especially for Motorcycles (28mm * 40mm * 18mm)
  • Weather proof
  • Microprocessor controlled for reliability
  • Lifetime technical support
  • 2 Year no quibble warranty

Kit Contents

  • SMiDSY FOGmate
  • Fitting Instructions (Download PDF)
  • Cable ties to keep wires tidy