Vision X Solstice Solo Lights

These lights are replaced by our cheaper and superior BikeVis Cree v3 running lights.

With the Vision X Solstice Solo lights, the output of a standard 50 Watt halogen has been passed for the first time. The light output is jaw dropping and they are the perfect supplement to your existing headlights.

£189.95 (£227.94 inc VAT)

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The all new Solstice Series of LED lamps is equipped with Vision’s brand new 10 watt LED technology, with each 10 watt Solo producing 900 lumen making them the brightest LED lamp on the market in only a 2” x 2” square housing. Not only are they the brightest, they are the most efficient with the light drawing only 0.75 amps due to their advanced electronic drivers which are also responsible for their 50,000 hour life span.

The Vision X LED’s are housed in a rugged die-cast aluminium housing for optimum durability and heat dissipation. The housings are IP68 rated so that they’re impenetrable to dust and submersible under water up to 3 meters. The unbreakable poly carbonate lenses are housed by a 6061 aluminium face plate which doubles as a radiant heat sink to melt away snow and ice in frigid conditions. The s1103 LED’s have been subjected to a 14Grms vibration test to ensure their performance in high impact conditions.

Key Features

  • Small design perfect for Motorcycles (2 inches square)
  • 10 Watt 900 Lumen LED Technology (similar in colour to HID / Xenon)
  • Easy to fit design with adjustable angle
  • Highest Light Output Per Cubic Inch on the Market
  • Waterproof (3m depth)
  • 1 year warranty
  • Sourced by BikeVis and tested for reliability under the worst of conditions

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